Monday, August 1, 2011

Cure for the Monday Blues

I haven't laughed THIS hard in a while!  As we venture into the beginning of a new week, I have but one item to add to your To-Do List.
Follow these simple instructions:

1.  Drive down to your nearest Target. (PHEW!  No more 2 hour drive to Kona, so no excuses Hilo-ans !)
2.  Head straight to the greeting card section.
3.  Look for the Awkward Family Photo greeting cards.

Chris and I spent a good 10 minutes flipping through every single one.  The card featured, was a definite  multiple-repeater-reader-hyper-ventilating-laugh kind of card.  We forced ourselves to finally walk away, with sore tummies and tears in tow.  Believe me, these cards are the cure to your "Monday Blues".

The funniest part, is that I KNOW all of you have photos like these somewhere.  Chris and I kept saying "we could make our own!"  

Check out Awkward Family Photos on the web before swinging by Tar-jay after work.
Hope your week is loaded with hugs, high 5s, and of course, sore tummies and tears.  

XO Jenn

P.S.  My birthday is on 2/14...just thought I'd throw it out there. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You say Shave Ice, I say Ice Shave.

When I think of summer, I'm often reminded of the cool, refreshing sweets that we endulge in.  Luckily for us locals, Ice Shave is year-round.  Itsu's, Wilson's, Matsumoto's, Waiola, and Aoki's (the one you go to when Matsumoto's has a line...just saying) just to name a few.  Oh and let us not forget Slush Puppies and "Snow Cones" when you're desperate or on the mainland.  Ice Shave is a treat enjoyed by young and old.  

My bestie, Alani and I checked out Ono Ono Shave Ice during our Summer Vacay to Kauai.  
Read more about my review here:
Be sure to check this place out on your next Kauai Adventure!  Hoping these photos will get you to your nearest Ice Shave joint.  What's your favorite place for Ice Shave?  Be sure to share it with me in the comment box below.  

Wishing you lots of hugs and high 5s under the sun!  

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Krazy for Kapa

Scarf, shawl, bag, and clutch.  What do all of these items above have in common?  All of them are made of kapa...YES, kapa!  (Even the violet colored scarf!)  Halau Kekuhi paid tribute to kapa at this year's hoike performance at the Merrie Monarch Festival.  Fellow kapa artisans were honored with front row seats while adorned in their handmade garments.  The combination of bright and pastel colors against the muted fibers looked so clean and natural.  True inspiration indeed.  A fusion of fashion, nature, and culture at it's finest.  I would love any of the pieces below, paired with some wedges for summer.  SIGH...

Lots of Hugs -- Jenn

And the REAL reason I camped and waited in line to watch the hoike... niece nugg, Leiali'i

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

High on Hula

The Craft Fairs, Girls with curlers and braids in their hair, Flowers and lei on every neck, ear, head, and hat.'s that time of year.  The World Famous, MERRIE MONARCH FESTIVAL!  I'm fortunate enough to not only be home to enjoy the week long events but also to have 4 of my BESTIES flying in to join in on the fun.  Here's one of them, Alani who trooped it with mom and I this morning as we camped out at the stadium.  Tonight will feature the free Hoike performances which sadly is NOT televised.  Campers came out as early as be first in line and choose select seats when the gates open.  My Mom even got interviewed by Ramsey Wharton...check out her segment tonight on KGMB!!  My niece, Leiali'i will be performing with Halau 'O Kekuhi.  Stay tuned for more blog updates and photos on our week long we take on Hilo and the Merrie Monarch Festival!  

Sending you lots of hugs and aloha!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Occasional Hugs

  Hugs for every occasion.  
Whether it's lil nugs sharing GOOD-BYE hugs with stuffed Dim Sum and juice box tummies.
Or...LOVE hugs to ease the butterflies and jitters of excitement on the day of "I Do."
or, CELEBRATION hugs because one of your dearest and closest friends has found true happiness.
These photos brighten up a gloomy Sunday evening...already missing my Oahu Buds & Nugs.  
Hugs make everything better...For now these photos will do.

Wishing all of you fellow Huggers an awesome week ahead!  :o)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

High Fives: Hilo's Where My Heart Is

5 things I enjoyed this past week.  Whether it was cheering on my nieces, reuniting with old friends, having time to do things I enjoy, or discovering hidden treasure...all of these file under: "Reasons for Moving Home to Hilo."

The Haili Volleyball Tournament.  The second largest event in Hilo Town (The Merrie Monarch Festival takes 1st by a landslide.).  This event attracts teams from all across the islands, male and females ranging from elementary to retirees.  It was a treat to watch both my nieces play in two totally different levels of competition.  Kamalu, who's 12 ( yes, she's 12 and about 5'10" and growing), has been playing for about 5 years.    Leiali'i, at 8 years old, played in her very first Haili tournament.  Talk about playing their hearts out.  Cheering on the court and just as loud from the bench.  These teens and youngsters display a genuine love for the game.  Especially Leiali'i and Kamalu.  One of the many reasons for our move to Hilo.  This aunty needs no megaphone.  I am by far the loudest voice at all of their games.  I probably could tone it down a notch...or, maybe not.  Be ready Coach Shoji. In about 6 years and 10 years down the road, you got two up and coming Wahine Warriors!

{1. Leiali'i and her 10 and under team. 8 years old and rocking her Lululemon headband.}

{2.  Kamalu and her 14 and under team.  12 years old and she's seriously almost taller than the net.}

{3.  Ty's...ahem...I mean Dr. Desilva's Dirty 30 Birthday = Mini HHS Class Reunion.  
P.S.  LOVE the birthday candle action.}

{4.  A Slower paced life allows for "Baking Pizza at Home Nights."  
Not to mention, time to cut hearts out of pepperonis.  :o)}

{5.  Discovering talented local artisans like Katie from Jewels of The Beach.  
LOVE my new JEWELS!}

Wishing you many hugs and high 5s.  Where ever you call home with the ones closest to you.